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NFRF (Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency) in Richmond Hill

Thermage Nano Fractional RfYou may have heard about NFRF skin tightening but you may need more information about all the details to make an informed decision.
The body has a natural ability to renew collagen. NFRF is capable of stimulating the body producing more collagen. The end result is a natural and beautiful skin.

The procedure requires minimal downtime.

How Does It Work?

NFRF head tips (for face, body, and eyes) has multiple poles and when applied to skin conduct Nano-fractional radiofrequency. This form of energy (Fractional) reaches the very deep layers of skin.

This deep uniform heating action causes the loose collagen to immediately tighten and overtime new collagen will be produced to further tighten the skin. NFRF also increases the blood circulation so the skin rejuvenation will become more rapid. Therefore, skin will be more tighten and brighter at the end.


Originally NFRF was a painful procedure. Thus, the new generation has been developed. During NFRF CPT procedure, a conducting fluid will be applied to skin, then the head tip just touches the skin without penetration.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

NFRF is a non-invasive skin lifting procedure, so everybody can benefit from it. However, individuals over 65 years and older do require consultation before treatment due to decreasing collagen tissue of their skin. You could have a specific treatment plan based on your age, skin type, and skin laxity.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

A single treatment can produce result in majority of patients. Results are generally fairly subtle.
Just after the procedure you can see a small percentage of result but the majority of the result will start after 2-4 weeks and will go up to maximum to 4 to 6 months.
If you are not satisfied you can repeat that every 3 to 6 weeks . This depends on your age, the body parts,the initial condition of the skin.
When you receive to the result you can have just one session as a maintenance every 1 or 2 years.

Which Body Parts Could Be Treated Using NFRF?


  • First of all because RF is a safe type of energy, so NFRF is perfect for lifting around the eyes for the eyelids and under eye dark circles by increasing the blood circulation and tightening the skin.


  • After weight loos or child birth, many individuals will be suffering from the loose belly skin. With NFRF we can tighten the loose skin and create a better shape

Stretch Marks:

  • NFRF increase the skin collagen tissue, so in every part of the body we can treat the stretch mark with inducing collagen formation


  • Commonly loose underarm skin could be treated with NFRF

Face and Neck:

  • RF energy with immediate effect (tightening the collagen tissues) and long-term effect (forming new collagen) has a synergic effect on facial and neck skin tightening and sometimes called as the “skin ironing”

After Treatment Care:

For 1 to 2 days skin will become sensitive, so you are required to put on moisturizer and sunscreen frequently.  Due to sensitive period which is resulted from NFRF, it is recommended that NFRF should not be performed during sunny seasons.


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