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Micro-needling & Dermapen in Richmond Hill

Micro Needling DermapenDermapen and Micro-needling truly are the same but Dermapen is a motorized version of Micro-needling.

How Do They Work?

These treatments actually create small “wounds” on your skin at the site of acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage and/or stretch marks. But don’t worry it is not painful. Superficial treatment level is tolerable with nothing more than some topical numbing cream.

As soon as you receive this treatment, your body responds by producing new collagen and skin cells. This means acne scars and sun damages you have been dealing with for many years  will start healing.

The changes that follow treatment are often quick as your skin naturally heals itself every 1 to 1.5 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Deep Is the Treatment?

The level of penetration depends on the result you are looking for. Light penetration opens the skin long enough for specific antiaging, brightening, and various types of serums to be effectively absorbed.

If you are hoping to reverse the signs of sun damage and mild scarring mid penetration can have a positive impact on skin texture and tone. To heal acne scars and stretch marks we have to penetrate at deeper level.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Reducing superficial wrinkles on the face and lips
  • Improvement in overall skin tone (Face, neck, and chest)
  • Minimized appearance of skin pores
  • Increased products absorption
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks

How Many Sessions Are Required?

The number of sessions depends on the extent of initial skin problem and the result after 2 weeks. If you have not reached your target result, the treatment could be repeated again.

What You Need To Consider?

First of all, the most important step is using clean, sterilized and disposable tips as individuals should be cautious of this matter.

On the other hand, because we have made artificial wounds as the result of treatment, the skin will be very sensitive and must be protected perfectly from dryness, UVA/UVB, and heavy makeup. The patient is recommended to follow after care procedures to help the skin heal faster.

Who Is Not an Ideal Candidate?

Everybody can use these forms of treatments except people who have coagulation problems or use anti-coagulant drugs. People who have exposure to sun, are recommended to avoid the treatment on the exposed skin areas and postponing the treatment to the winter time.


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