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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalCould you imagine truly semi to permanent unwanted hair removal reduction with laser hair removal technology?
With our hair removal laser, you can reach your ultimate goal for hairless beautiful body!

How it works?

Laser light destroys the hair follicle based on photo-thermolysis. Laser light is absorbed by the melanin within the hair and thus heat is generated. The heat conducts outward the germ cells which lie on the surface of the hair shafts with sufficient temperature these cells will be successfully destroyed. These cells are responsible for regeneration of hair, so with multiple sessions of laser hair removal, they will be completely non-functional.

Why frequent sessions?

The fact is frequent sessions are needed because hair growth occurs in 3 different cycles (Anagen=growth phase, Telogen=resting phase, Catagen=resolving phase)

The Anagen phase or active hair growth phase is the only phase that is affected by laser. Approximately between 20%-30% if any area of face and body hair are in Anagen phase. Therefore, it means that one cannot expect long-term epilation in a single or doubled treatment. It is important that clients understand hair growth cycles in order to have realistic expectations.

Based on many surveys conducted throughout the years, permanent reduction of hair by laser needs between 6 to 12 sessions. The session number depends on various parameters including but not limited to: the area of treatment, skin colour, coarseness of hair, reasons for excessive hair growth in female (hirsutism) and sex.

Coarse dark hair on a light skin is the most ideal combination/ candidate for the hair removal laser. Also, certain areas such as men’s face and chest may require more than usual number of treatments.

Syneron E-Light Technology

By combining both Laser light and Radio-Frequency (RF) current, the applicator uses two different energy sources to thermally damage the hair follicle even for the follicles lacking sufficient melanin such as gray, blond, and red hair.

RF heating of the hair follicle is selective because there is higher current density (blood capillaries) producing more heat. The synergy between optical energy (laser) and RF current results more safety and efficiency in laser hair removal.

This process has obvious advantages over traditional photo-thermolysis. The lower optical fluence, it might be effective in treating hair with low melanin content such as light or fine hairs. This combination can be adjusted to all skin types, hair colours, and body parts for optimum results.


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