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What Is Hair Mesotherapy?

If you are struggling with hair loss, Hair Mesotherapy might be the right solution for you.

Hair Mesotherapy is the direct injection of different Natural materials into the scalp to help hair thrive and grow. These materials include:
vitamins, amino acid mixtures, minerals, etc. Some of which include calcium and iron. This treatment works to activate hair cells to help stimulate strong growth.

As a result of this treatment, an individual can receive a stop to hair loss, a stop to thinning hair, and receive overall stronger and shinier hair. It is an effective treatment for the scalp and hair, and it has become very popular in modern years.

When to Consider Hair Mesotherapy?

There are many reasons an individual might consider this treatment. Some of the most popular reasons include:

  • Excessive hair loss
  • Severe dandruff
  • Suffering from dry scalp
  • Increased hair fragility
  • Volume loss in basal area
  • Seborrhea of the scalp

Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy

When it comes to Hair Mesotherapy, a different mesotherapy mix of minerals and vitamins can be expected for each patient. This is because a healthcare professional will assess each patient’s unique situation and create the best treatment plan. This will help each client achieve maximum results.

Other general advantages include:

  • Activating hair growth
  • Stopping hair loss
  • The activity of adipose glands is reduced
  • Increase of delivery of blood flow and oxygen to the bulb

Contraindications of Hair Mesotherapy

A health care professional should always be consulted before the treatment of Hair Mesotherapy begins. Below we have listed a few reasons that a person should not receive this particular treatment:

  • If one is pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If one has an endocrine system disorder
  • If one has a benign or malign tumor
  • If one has an allergy to composite components

Hair Mesotherapy Combined with Other Treatments

Did you know there is a wide range of treatments for hair loss? Mesotherapy can be used itself or one can combine Mesotherapy with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). LLLT is known to be a new and effective solution for hair loss and when combined with Mesotherapy, the effectiveness of both increases. In addition, Mesotherapy can be combined with hair fibers in order to get the best results from both treatments.

Why Consider Hair Mesotherapy?

If you are looking to resolve hair loss or resolve any of the issues that are listed above, Hair Mesotherapy is a treatment worth considering. This treatment can give you the appearance of healthy hair and it can improve your total hair condition.

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