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EMS Sculpting & Infratherapy

Ems Sculpting Treatment Richmond HillEMS Sculpting is a very new technic which uses Electromechanical Stimulation pulses to reduce your fat tissue and increase the muscle strength and volume in the right way.


A lot of treatments claim that they are effective, but to what extent and how quickly? Some can provide results slowly over a long period of time, while others can provide almost instantaneous results. When you undergo EMS Sculpting treatments, you will feel it working while getting it done! As the session goes by, you will feel your muscles contract, while oftentimes, droplets of sweat are present as well. With this treatment, you’re essentially giving your body a workout without the intense exercise.


As we previously mentioned in our last paragraph, the only real sensation you will feel are your muscles contracting. At no time should you feel any pain — only tingling/buzzing sensations at first, as your brain is adjusting to the fact that you’re getting a workout while standing still!

Once your body has adjusted, the professionals performing the treatment will ask you if you’re ready to go up a setting, and if you can handle it, they will raise the intensity. The higher the level, the more results you will see.

Losing weight and size:

Results will entirely depend on how many sessions you decide to undergo, how intense they are, and your body type. When this treatment is combined with a healthy diet and additional exercise, you can see results that range from half an inch to four inches or more! It is safe to say that if you maintain a healthy daily life and you implement a number of different sessions, you will see amazing results.

Frequency of treatment:

If you are using EMS Sculpting as a side treatment to an otherwise healthy lifestyle with exercise and a good diet, then two sessions per week is the best way to see transformative results. If you do two sessions per week for five weeks (ten sessions total), the results will be their most effective.

Side effects:

Since EMS Sculpting does not require glucose (which is usually utilized during exercise), you will not get the intense pain that you’d normally feel after a regular workout. You may feel that achy sensation you get after working out for a few days after the treatment has been done. This sensation will depend on how often you work those muscles already, as well as how intense the treatment was.

Sometimes you will have a little redness 2 to 3 hours after treatment which will resolve by itself.

Before and after treatment guidelines:

Clients are encouraged to drink water before treatment to enhance Lymphatic drainage, as well as after each session to assist with flushing the Fat/Fluids /Toxins from the body, as well as rehydrating from the copious sweat loss of each treatment.

Having a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet will help you.


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