Why Micro-needling is Taking the World by Storm

Microneedling BenefitsHave you heard of micro-needling and how fast it’s sweeping the cosmetics industry? If you said yes, then you are not the only one! This has become an extremely popular process, and some of the hottest celebrities are having it done. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Angelina Jolie are using the procedure to give a naturally beautifully look to their often-caked appearance.

How micro-needling works is that a professional typically uses a pen that has a bunch of needles on it, and these needles make little punctures into your skin. Don’t worry, it sounds a lot scarier than it actually is, as these micro punctures are quite microscopic and only done to the top layer. Collagen and elastin is then created by your body because it’s being tricked into thinking it’s injured. After this, your skin looks glowing, healthy, and fresh.

It Helps Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Do you have crow’s feet and are you trying to get rid of them? A few sessions of this new microneedle trend can make sure collagen is being created and stimulating your skin. Deep wrinkles can be healed through the power of your own body, and you can tighten problematic areas.

Reverses Pigmentation and Types of Sun Damage

When you were younger, did you lie out in the sun and have some sun damage to your face? If your confidence is feeling a bit low because of it, try micro-needling. It will allow your skin to heal through collagen production and make you appear youthful and glowing once again. After a few sessions, you can get rid of some of those blotchy spots and reduce pigmentation.

Pore Shrinkage

There are a lot of us that have tried a few things like putting ice on our faces, splashing our faces with cold water, chemicals, and more – all to get smaller pores. However, micro-needling can help us accomplish this through healing with our own body. Some have even reduced the size of their pores so much, it looks like they don’t have any!

Great for All Skin Types

Since chemicals aren’t being used, and the stimulation and production is with your own body, it’s great for all types of skin. You don’t have to worry about being allergic to certain chemicals being used, as it’s done with a needling technique and your own body.

Effective for Many Spots – Not Just One

You don’t have to only use micro-needling on your face, as it works for many parts of your body and you can target scars, as well. Stretch marks can make us self-conscious, but you have the power to reduce those without rubbing chemicals on your skin.

Lasers are Less Safe than Micro-needling

While lasers have been effective for many, it’s not nearly as safe as micro-needling, despite how it stimulates collagen and encourages production. Did we mention that it’s also minimally invasive?

Improves How Your Skin Soaks Up Creams

Because of dead skin and all that other unwanted jazz on your skin, you’re typically only soaking up between 4-8% of creams and serums. By getting micro-needling done, you can improve how effective these creams and serums are.

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