The Dangers of Home-Based Laser Hair Removal

Dangers Of Home Based Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has gained popularity in recent years, and while it’s a relatively safe procedure, it should always be performed by a trained laser technician in a clinical setting like here at Ava Laser Clinic. There are many treatments that you can do at home, such as waxing or threading, but lasers carry a range of health risks and should never be attempted at home.

How Hair Removal Lasers Work

Similar to clinical grade lasers, devices sold for home use kill hair follicles at the root. Unlike clinical lasers, they lack the proper strength to be effective. Home-based devices tend to operate on a timing system. You hold the laser over the treatment area for a set amount of time and move onto the next section when the alarm sounds. These treatments will need to be completed once a week, which can end up taking more time than a simple shave in the end.

Home Treatment vs. Clinical Treatment

Home hair removal lasers operate via low-range infrared full spectrum light beams, the lasers used here at Ava Laser Clinic and most clinics operate on a single monochromatic light beam.  Every skin type and hair type is different, so using the proper laser and technique is essential if you want the best results.

In a professional setting, there are four major factors taken into consideration when formulating your treatment plan:

  • Laser wavelength
  • Customized protocol
  • Laser type
  • Technician experience

This allows us to craft a unique plan that ensures you get superior results that are administered in a safe manner. Home-based treatments don’t take skin tone or hair color into account, which can result in recurring hair re-growth.

Home Laser Risk Factors

Laser therapists are trained to understand how each type of laser affects the skin. Without this training, there is no way to know if your skin will become damaged or if you will suffer any other side effects. You can end up with burns, hyper pigmentation or worse! Hair also grows in cycles, a trained technician will be able to determine when and where to apply additional treatments which are not something you can get with an at-home laser removal system.

Home-based laser systems function at a much lower level and temperature than professional grade lasers. This means that you’re at-home laser removal won’t be permanent and in many cases, prevents successful professional hair removal later down the line.

Should I Try Home Based Lasers Or Opt For Professional Removal?

The relatively low cost of home laser removal systems makes them an attractive lure for those looking to get professional results on a budget. While the choice is ultimately up to you, always remember that lack of professional training and lower strength lasers can cause more harm to your skin and hair in the long run.

Ava Laser Clinic offers a range of affordable laser hair removal plans that are tailored to your skin tone, hair thickness, and your desired results. Not only will our results last a lifetime, but you can rest easy knowing that your laser hair removal is safe and effective. Don’t take a risk with your skin, so give us a call at (905) 237-2360 to book your hair removal consultation today.