The Buttery Smooth Benefits of an Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial Benefits

Have you ever heard of the term, “oxygen facial?” If not, you might want to keep reading – especially if you’re into finding the latest and greatest with skincare. Since oxygen is the core of how healthy our skin is, as well as the primary reason why our cells thrive, using this method for skincare seems quite obvious. Since your skin is the largest, it only makes sense to utilize oxygen and apply it to that organ – right? Let’s take a look at the basic benefits of participating in an oxygen facial.

Collagen Production is Increased

There is a protein that our skin thrives off of to make ourselves look youthful, and that protein is collagen. Without it, our skin would sag much sooner rather than later. More collagen = more volume in our skin and a much better glow. Have wrinkles? No worries! Increased collagen production can help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles while preventing others through oxygen.

Detoxify Your Skin

Oxygen is a fantastic and natural way to detoxify the nastiness within your skin. Thanks to pollution and the bad chemicals that make their way into our food, our skin unfortunately suffers. When you take advantage of an oxygen facial, you’re able to remove the build-up of gunk, feeling and looking much better.

Production of New Cells

When you take on an oxygen facial (which doesn’t hurt, by the way!) you’re immediately increasing the production of new cells, since oxygen makes cells thrive. The connection between the two causes an immediate boost in the production of basic cells and giving your skin that extra “umph” it needs. If you have scars on your face whether from old acne or not, this may be a great way to reduce the appearance of those.

Side Effects Are on Zero!

After many trials and facilities that have given oxygen facials, there are officially no known side effects. There is no burning sensation, no redness, and definitely no pain! Even if your skin is sensitive, you can most likely receive an oxygen facial with little to no chance of anything happening. It shouldn’t agitate or irritate eczema or acne, and it may even help since they may be able to heal quicker!

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