The Best Laser to Treat Wrinkles, Loose Skin, and Spots

the best laser to treat wrinkles, loose skin, and spots

For those looking for a better way to treat skin problems such as wrinkles, spots or loose skin, the Triniti system by Syneron is a wonderful option. This laser system might sound familiar thanks to its use on the show “The Doctors”. It has received Hollywood hype for one reason, it works.

How Does It Work?

The Triniti system operates with elos technology in a revolutionary way to treat various skin issues. For patients who want to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines, and those who want to tighten their skin and even out surface discoloration, the Triniti system offers a way to use three skin healing technologies all at once.

There are three main steps that the specialist here at Ava Laser Clinic will use while treating patients with the Triniti system.

Step One

The initial step is to address the red spots and brown spots on the skin that are caused by aging. These are targeted with Fotofacial RF, which operates on radio frequency energy as a part of the treatment. Typically, this energy is used to treat the chest, neck, and face re-reduces flushing and redness. It is also an effective way to combat skin damage caused by too much exposure to the sun.

Step Two

Once the first step has been completed successfully, the technician will use the Refirme RF device to tighten the skin. This gives the skin the same result as you would find as a surgical lift on the neck and face, without the downtime or pain. The Refirme RF device makes use of RF energy in order to improve the look and feel of the texture of the skin. Not only are the results of the treatment quickly evident, but they are also pain-free. The energy works by stimulating the collagen in your skin which makes it contract. This contraction makes your skin grow and you can expect to see continuous results for up to 6 months following your initial treatment.

Step Three

The final part of this treatment is the Matrix. Yes, that’s right, bend the rules just like the blockbuster hit by erasing fine lines in around the mouth and even banish stubborn acne scars. This fractional resurfacing treatment doesn’t make use of lasers like other treatments. Instead, the Matrix makes use of multiple columns of energy to target small areas of skin that need to be treated, leaving the healthy skin intact. This results in lower amounts of pain and faster healing overall.

How Long Does It Take?

Although there are three steps, the whole process is relatively quick. In all, you can expect to spend a little over half an hour with a specialist in our office during the treatment. For the highest rate of success, treatments should be repeated once a month for at least 4 months for the best results. If you are tired of looking tired, Ava Laser Clinic is here to help you look you best. Give us a call at (905) 237-2360 to find out more.