Super Hair Removal and How It Differs From the Rest

Super Hair Removal Richmond HillWhen you live with unwanted hair, self esteem issues can become quite prominent. This is especially true when you’ve tried practically everything — waxing, shaving and laser hair removal included. It can feel super discouraging when you’ve worked to try and get rid of this hair and no matter what you do, nothing works right. Luckily, Super Hair Removal may just be the solution you have been looking for when nothing else works. Here at Ava Laser Clinic, we want to talk about this treatment and how it differs from all of the other hair removal options out there.

What Parts of the Body Can It Be Used On?

Both men and women can use Super Hair Removal, and this treatment can also be utilized on all skin types! Some of the areas of the body that it can be used on include:

  • Bikini line
  • Face (including lips, cheeks, nose, eyebrows, etc.)
  • Legs
  • Back/chest
  • Underarms and arms
  • Ears, bread line

When it comes down to it, this procedure can work to eliminate hair on almost every area of your body, leaving you confident and ready to take on your day. 

How Does It Work?

SHR uses very specific amounts of low energy light to penetrate your skin with approximately 180 pulses per minute. When your skin absorbs this light and its energy, the follicles feel it most as they are carefully heated during the treatment. These follicles then end up damaged enough to fall out entirely and leave you with hair-free skin. 

In general, this procedure does not take very long, especially in comparison to the hours one can often spend waxing or shaving properly. When it comes to most SHR procedures, the average process will last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. How long it will take will entirely depend on what area(s) you choose to remove hair from. 

Is This Procedure Painful?

When it comes to traditional laser hair removal, professionals will often state that there may be slight pain and discomfort. This isn’t fun to have to deal with, even though you know the results may be beneficial. Luckily, with Super Hair Removal, the treatment is extremely mild and easy to sit through. Most patients record feeling a warm sensation, but that really is all. Another great benefit of undergoing this treatment is that the device itself comes with an automatic cooling functionality, so even the hardest to reach, difficult parts will result in little to no discomfort.

How Many Treatments Does One Need?

Just like laser hair removal, SHR requires multiple treatments. As a matter of fact, Super Hair Removal usually only affects about 20% of the hair within a selected area. On average, six to twelve sessions are recommended to get results that will last for years. When you want your hair gone for good, utilizing this procedure properly will truly transform the way you look and feel about your body hair.

Let Our Clinic Help

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