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4 Apr

Get Your Skin Summer Ready with Laser Hair Removal

When you think of summer fun, wasting time in the bathroom shaving or waxing probably doesn’t come to mind. Summer should be about lounging in the sun, enjoying your time on the beach, and taking long leisurely walks on the pier in a flirty sundress. If you have unwanted hair, then showing off your bare […]


26 Mar

The Best Laser to Treat Wrinkles, Loose Skin, and Spots

For those looking for a better way to treat skin problems such as wrinkles, spots or loose skin, the Triniti system by Syneron is a wonderful option. This laser system might sound familiar thanks to its use on the show “The Doctors”. It has received Hollywood hype for one reason, it works. How Does It […]


12 Mar

Top Reasons to Use Triniti Plus Anti-Aging Treatment

There are thousands of skin care products on the market that aim to beat the hands of time. The one thing they all fail at is offering smooth, firm, evenly colored skin all at the same time. Thankfully, you no longer have to spend your whole paycheck on costly creams and procedures thanks to the […]


21 Feb

The Importance of Post-Treatment Care for Fat Cavitation

Everyone wants to look their best and with the help of body sculpting services from Ava Laser Clinic, you can too. Just about every spa out there offers some form of treatment to help patients reduce the amount of fat on their bodies.  If you want to skip the gym but not lose half of […]


11 Feb

Is Microneedling An Effective Way To Tighten Your Skin?

As people age and begin to lose volume from our bodies, their skin will start to become loose due to a loss of elasticity. This is a completely natural process that is caused by the degradation of collagen proteins that once allowed our skin cells to remain connected and strong. Once these cells begin to […]


21 Jan

Why Does Laser Hair Removal Require Multiple Sessions?

No one likes unwanted body hair and with laser hair removal from Ava Laser Clinic, you now have a way to get rid of your razor, wax, or tweezers forever! Unlike other methods, laser hair removal offers a semi-permanent way to have smooth, hair-free skin all year round. How Permanent Laser Hair Removal Works Hair removal […]


11 Jan

The Dangers of Home-Based Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has gained popularity in recent years, and while it’s a relatively safe procedure, it should always be performed by a trained laser technician in a clinical setting like here at Ava Laser Clinic. There are many treatments that you can do at home, such as waxing or threading, but lasers carry a […]


30 Jul

What is NFRF for Eyes?

NFRF of Eyes is a very advanced technology that is used in conjunction with NFRF Face. It uses a radio frequency that will contract the collagen already inside of the skin. A lot of well-known people use this procedure because it gives a younger and refreshed look to them without changing the actual appearance of […]


26 Jul

No Surgery Needed for Eye Lifts

It is a natural thing for people to age and eyelids to begin to droop or sag. The skin around the eyes can become looser and often times the cost of surgical procedures is not an option to repair this damage. This is when an eye lift will be needed. During this non-surgical procedure, the […]


23 Jul

Questions Often Asked About Laser Skin Tightening

Many people often have several questions about laser skin tightening and it is a good thing that those questions are asked. You can find information about laser skin tightening procedures and some answers to the most frequently asked questions. What Does It Feel Like? Before a laser skin tightening treatment is started a cream will […]