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10 Mar

What You Need to Know About Face and Body Contouring

Here at Ava Laser Clinic, we offer a wide range of innovative laser treatments that allow us to provide our clients with top of the line body contouring and face shaping services. These treatments help to smooth the face and body, tighten skin, reduce existing cellulite, and reduce the overall circumference of the area. How Does […]


12 Feb

Treat Your Hair Loss with Low Level Laser Therapy

Hair loss affects millions of people all over the world. Although men tend to have more noticeable hair loss troubles than women, both sexes suffer equally. Since hair loss is such a widespread problem, there are many treatments available for suffers. They include hair transplants, medications, or even alternative therapies, such as acupuncture. However, Ava […]


21 Jan

Laser Skin Resurfacing vs. IPL Photofacials

When looking for effective skincare treatments many people will come across IPL laser procedures. Despite being a common term, the name is somewhat inaccurate. We understand why IPL treatments and laser skin resurfacing get confused with each other since they are both cosmetic skin treatments. However, while both use light energy on the skin, they […]


14 Jan

Everything You Need to Know About IPL Treatment

IPL, which stands for intense pulsed light, is non-invasive light therapy. It works to produce a silkier texture on the skin while also evening the skin tone. In some cases, it can even reverse some sun damage. It is also beneficial in treating discolorations such as brown or red spots. To help you decide if […]


19 Dec

Free Your Skin with SRA Treatments

Pigmentation on the skin is often difficult to remove. There are a lot of skin lighting creams and tone evening devices on the market, but not of them work perfectly. If you want to receive the most effective skin treatments available, it requires a trip to the skin experts here at Ava Laser Clinic. Our […]


6 Dec

Treatments for Sun Spots and Pigmentation

It might surprise you to note that more than three-quarters of women in Canada complain about having spots and an uneven skin tone. Tanning beds, aging, and high levels of sun exposure are known to cause unwanted areas of pigmentation, such as freckles, liver spots, and sun spots. Once a person passes the age of […]


20 Nov

An In-Depth Look at Cool Sculpting vs. Liposuction

For decades, the only options for people with stubborn fat to choose from were surgery or acceptance. However, with so many advancements in modern medicine, there is now a wide assortment of options for those who want to change their body shape. If you’re hesitant to go under the knife, Ava Laser Clinic is a […]


5 Nov

The Advantages of Cool Sculpting

In recent years, dieting has become such an obsession that has transformed into a massive, multibillion-dollar industry. The urge to drop a few pounds or a couple of dress sizes is as common as changing a hairstyle. However, the difference between this trend and others is that most people are unsure of the best way […]


24 Oct

Re-Grow Your Hair Quickly with Low-Laser Light Therapy

When was the last time you thought to yourself, “Am I losing more hair than normal?” Our hair falls out when we shower, brush, blow-dry, and even when we sleep. While it may be distressing to see all loose hair, shedding as much as 100 hairs a day is actually normal. In most cases, people […]


18 Oct

What You Need to Know About Laser Treatments for Hair Loss

Most people will naturally shed anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs per day from their scalp. Usually, these minor loses are easy to recover during the natural growing cycle. However, in some cases, a person may not be able to recover their lost hair. This can happen for a number of reasons, including: heredity advancing […]