No Surgery Needed for Eye Lifts

No Surgery Eye Lift

It is a natural thing for people to age and eyelids to begin to droop or sag. The skin around the eyes can become looser and often times the cost of surgical procedures is not an option to repair this damage. This is when an eye lift will be needed. During this non-surgical procedure, the hooded area of the upper eyelid is what will be worked on to improve the sagging skin. A fluid is applied to that area and then radiofrequency is used to contract the loose skin around the eye to make it firm once again.

The great thing about the procedure being nonsurgical is that all of your normal tasks and activities will be able to be resumed after the treatment is finished. However, it is important to care for the eyes tremendously during this time in order to prevent them from becoming dry. An ointment will be given, and it will need to be applied as directed to keep the skin from drying out. It is important to inform the professional before any treatment if you have any skin conditions, so they can inform you about the best line of treatment or aftercare ointments that will be needed.

Other Laser Eye Lifts

There is another eye lift procedure called Fractional Laser Technology. It does the same act of improving skin that may be drooping around the eye. This treatment can also help improve impurities around the eye caused by sun damage. All of the unwanted lines can be treated with this technology too and the procedure is quick. A clear gel will be placed around the eye and then a laser is used to target some of the areas that want improvement. A plastic shield is set in place to protect the eye and the retina during the procedure.

The same as any other surgery, there will be some side effects. After this treatment, there may be puffiness, redness, and some mild irritation, but this should go back to normal after about 24 hours. However, there have been some cases where the healing time may take a little longer. This all depends on your skin type and any other underlying health issues that may prevent a swift healing process. While all of the results of this treatment are not fully studied, on average it is said to last about 2 years. This is a long time for treatment to last.

Some Things to Remember

There are a ton of treatments on the market today to improve the skin around the eye. It is important to know what it is that you really want and be kind to your budget. Find something that fits you and your wallet. The important thing is to take care of yourself and love yourself fully. If non-surgical eyelids’ lifting is something that you want for yourself then it is nice to know that there are professionals that can help. Ava Laser Clinic can set you up an appointment for an evaluation at (905) 237-2360.