Laser Skin Tightening: Everything You Need To Know

Laser Skin Tightening Everything To Know

Laser skin tightening (also known as Nano-Fractional RF therapy), is a method in which lasers are used to tighten old, sagging skin to give you the look of tight, youthful skin. The science behind the treatment is that the laser brings heat into the deep layers of the skin, causing the skin to tighten up. This will lift any loose skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

This method is non-invasive and safe to have done. It is most often used for changes such as minimizing wrinkles and treating loose skin on the arms, legs and abdomen. Another additional benefit is that this treatment does not require any recovery time, so you can get back to doing what’s important right after your session.

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated?

With this treatment, unlike others, the entire face can be done! It can be performed on the forehead, eyes, cheeks, eyelids, neck and jawline. If done correctly and by a professional, you can come out looking like you had a mini facelift. Parts of the body such as the arms, thighs and abdomen can also be treated with laser skin tightening.

What Should I Expect When Going In For This Procedure?

A cooling spray is applied to the skin first, and this acts as a protection layer. While the outer layer of your skin is being protected, the laser will target the deeper layers of your skin with heat. After treatment and over time, new collagen is produced to further add on to the benefits of your prior session. This all aids to tight, youthful skin that is long lasting and beautiful.

Does It Hurt?

With each pulse of the laser, there is a cool sensation followed by a hot one that is more quick. It is then felt to go back to cold, and the cycle repeats. In order for patients to be comfortable, a mild painkiller is given. An average session will take about an hour, but it will mostly depend on how much you are getting done.

When Will The Results Start To Show?

A bit of the tightening will be apparent shortly after the procedure, but as a general rule you won’t see transformative results until 2-8 weeks.

What Kind Of Results Will I See?

Not only will your skin be tighter, but the texture of your skin will also be greatly improved when doing this procedure. Since the heat of the laser shrinks the skin, it also ends up shrinking the oil glands as well. This means you will be at less of a risk for breaking out with acne or oily skin. Pores look much smaller and any scars that are present will also look much more faded.

How Long Do The Results Last?

Laser skin tightening is known to last for up to several years, depending on the rate of aging you are at when you get this treatment done. Avoiding the sun, as well as cutting out smoking will guarantee much longer, better looking results. If needed, this procedure can be repeated. 

How Will I Look/Feel After The Procedure?

The majority of people who get this treatment done will deal with no after effects, and go about their day as normal. Some patients may experience mild redness, but this will go away soon after the procedure has been finished. In rare cases, a small blister can appear. If this treatment is done around the eyes, your eyes may appear puffy for a few days after treatment. It is also recommended that you do not drive immediately after this treatment is done, as pain medication is given to you before the procedure that may still be affecting you once you are done.

Why Choose Us

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