Is CoolSculpting Effective?

Is Coolsculpting Effectiv

Does It Truly Work? 

Time and time again, studies show that CoolSculpting treatment does in fact work effectively at reducing fat. Not only is it effective, but it is 100% non invasive and non-surgical, making it much more convenient to get done than other fat removal options.  

Interestingly enough, CoolSculpting’s popularity in North America is increasing rapidly. It was approved by the FDA back in 2010, and has been used frequently ever since.  

How Does The Treatment Work? 

CoolSculpting works by placing an area of fat in between two panels that cool it to a freezing temperature, killing off the fat cells. The parts of the body that are often treated by CoolSculpting are: 

  • Thighs 
  • Belly 
  • Sides 
  • Lower Back 

It can also help minimize the look of cellulite on the buttocks, arms and legs. . 

The duration of the treatment is usually about an hour for each targeted area. Larger body parts will most likely need more treatments done than small body parts. 

No treatment is without its side effects, however. Just like any other treatment, CoolSculpting can cause some minor pain and swelling. Specific side effects include: 

  • Bruising, redness or swelling (short term) 
  • Tugging sensation during procedure 

Who Is Best Suited For This Treatment? 

It is important to note that this treatment is not for everybody. CoolSculpting is not a treatment for obesity, but is instead for removing small amounts of excess fat. Generally, this is a safe treatment for most people. If you have the conditions listed below, however, you can put yourself at risk for complications. Those conditions are as follows: 

  • cold agglutinin disease 
  • cryoglobulinemia 

Regardless of what your medical history/health conditions are, you should always consult a doctor before doing any treatment, including CoolSculpting.  

How Long Do The Results Last? 

Fortunately, the results of CoolSculpting should be permanent. The treatment kills off fat cells, meaning they do not come back. Gaining weight, however, increases the possibility of bringing fat back to the areas that were once treated. 

Is It Worth It? 

This treatment is most effective when done by an experienced medical professional, such as the ones here at Ava Laser Clinic. Multiple sessions will also maximize the effectiveness of the results, making for a treatment that will completely transform your look for the better. In addition to the benefits already stated, CoolSculpting has no recovery time, so you can return to your normal daily tasks as if nothing happened. If you are looking for transformative, high quality Coolsculpting in Richmond Hill, then we here at Ava Laser Clinic can help. To learn more about our services, be sure to call us at (905) 237-2360 today!