Benefits of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Benefits

Everyone wants to look their best, but most people are not interested in going under the knife to do so. This is why non-surgical facelift alternatives have gained popularity. According to ASAPS, the percentage of non-surgical procedures has increased as much as 65% over the last 10 years. Here at Ava Laser Clinic, we offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures, but one of the most requested is high-intensity focused ultrasound, also known as HIFU.

Why Should I Use High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound?

HIFU offers a diverse range of aesthetic benefits, which is what makes it so popular. Some of the most common advantages to this treatment are:

  • Skin smoothing
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Décolletage tightening
  • Reduction of sagging skin on the neck
  • Jawline enhancement
  • Eyelid, cheek, and eyebrow lifting
  • And more!

Recent studies have shown that HIFU treatments helped to improve skin elasticity. What’s more, the results of HIFU treatments improve over time, meaning that your skin will continue to improve even months after your appointment.

HIFU vs. Traditional Facelift

Both cosmetic procedures work to improve the look of the face. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. HIFU is less costly and has fewer risks, but the procedure will need to be repeated periodically. A facelift cost more upfront and has a longer downtime, but the results are permanent, at least until the signs of aging naturally resurface.

HIFU is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that costs around $1000. The side effects are generally mild, mainly a small amount of swelling or redness in the treatment area. The results last for at least six months and may last longer in some cases.

A Surgical facelift is a surgical procedure that costs around $8000. The side effects of the surgery are bruising, bleeding, mild scarring, hair loss in the treatment area, and pain. There is some risk involved, mainly infection and the usual risks that come with anesthesia. Results are long-lasting, generally in the 10 to 12-year range with proper skincare.

What Does a HIFU Treatment Feel Like?

The HIFU procedure is mainly painless, though some might notice a small amount of discomfort. Most clients note a feeling of light prickling or minor electrical pulses along the skin. For those overly sensitive to pain, an over the counter pain reliever can be used before treatment. Mild swelling and redness immediately following the procedure are common. This will fade a few hours following the treatment.

HIFU Facial Treatments

When you arrive for your HIFU procedure, you should make sure the treatment area is free from skincare and makeup products. A treatment specialist will sanitize the treatment area and then apply a topical anesthetic. Once that takes effect, ultrasound gel will be applied to the treatment area. The HIFU will be placed over the treatment area directly on the skin. The specialist will then adjust the device to match the setting for your specific treatment. Over 60 to 90 minutes, short pulses will be applied to the target area. It is normal to feel a small amount of tingling during the treatment. However, this is generally not painful. There is no downtime following the procedure, which means you can go right back to work or other activities.

Side Effects of Treatment

When performed by a trained professional, HIFU treatments are generally safe. There is a small amount of redness following each treatment. However, this will resolve after a few hours. In some cases, a patient may feel tingling for a few weeks along the treatment area. On rare occasions, numbness or bruising may occur. Both side effects are temporary and will resolve within seven days.

How Ava Laser Clinic Can Help

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