HIFU For Double Chin Removal/Reduction

Hifu Double Chin Removal Reduction Richmond HillAre you struggling with a double chin and are in need of treatments to reduce it or remove it completely? The demand for this kind of treatment is quite high as a double chin can be quite the insecurity, regardless of your gender or age. Luckily, with the help of HIFU, one’s double chin can reduce in size and make the chin and neck area look tighter, slimmer and more youthful. To learn about HIFU for the double chin and how it works to make you look your best, check out the information we here at Ava Laser Clinic have come up with below. 

How Does One Get a Double Chin? 

A double chin can be present for a number of different reasons, but the main ones include genetics, weight and age. 

When it comes to weight, the more one gains weight, the more fat is collected within the body. Some of this fat will, consequently, end up in the chin and neck area. This is commonly known as the submandibular fat area. When it comes to genetics, some people are born with a certain jaw, neck and chin placement that inhibit a more pronounced double chin, regardless of the weight they’re at. When it comes to ageing, sometimes the more a person’s skin begins to lose its elasticity and starts to sag, the more pronounced their double chin becomes. Sometimes, a double chin can be hidden under the face until one ages and the skin starts to sag, making it more pronounced. 

While a person who got a double chin because of weight may be able to reduce the look of theirs with weight loss, a person who is older/a person with a genetic disposition to a double chin may not. In a lot of cases, however, many people find that losing weight doesn’t even get rid of the fat under their chin. This just goes to show how stubborn this area truly is when it comes to how it stores fat. 

The General Explanation of HIFU 

Unlike other double chin treatments that involve cuts, surgery, injectables, etc., HIFU is an entirely non-invasive method to get rid of your double chin. HIFU devices essentially use ultrasound waves to heat up the area and its fat cells, destroying the fat accordingly. In addition, It make the muscles of area shorter and Tighter and new collagen production is promoted during this treatment, making your skin tighter and more youthful as well. This essentially means that with the help of HIFU, you can make sure the skin is tight to your body afterwards, making the results look nearly perfect. 

What To Expect 

When you go to book an appointment for double chin HIFU treatment, you will usually have a consultation with a specialist to get a better idea on how the treatment will be performed on you based on your situation. Once that is completed, the treatment can be booked. On the day of the appointment, the procedure will only take about 20-30 minutes to complete, and once finished you are allowed to go about your day as normal, although some swelling may be present. The treatment itself is said to be painless, and most professionals recommend you get this procedure done 2-3 times at 3-month intervals. You should be able to see the full results of this treatment at around the six-month mark. 

How Our Clinic Can Help 

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