Getting Laser Hair Removal? Know What to Expect

Laser Hair Removal

You’re either about to get your very first laser hair removal treatment, or you’ve just gotten finished. Either way, you’re ready to learn what to expect after the first treatment is completed! How many sessions you’re going to have depends entirely on the area of your body and your personal desires, hair, and technician.

Upon Completing Your First Procedure

It’s worth noting that having a reaction doesn’t mean your esthetician is bad. Having a skin reaction is completely normal and there are steps to take to dissipate it effectively.

When You’ve Gotten Home

Within the first few hours of post-treatment, you’ll see a bit of swelling and redness in the area. You can easily use some ice to reduce this, and to aid in reducing your discomfort.

A Week After Your Treatment

Seven days after your treatment, you’ll see some shedding. Don’t be alarmed, as this is 100% normal, and doesn’t mean there’s rapid regrowth – or any at all.

A Month After Your Treatment

You’ll notice that 4-6 weeks after your treatment, your skin will feel incredibly smooth.  There may be some hair growing in again, but it will be fine textured. You should not try removing these on your own, and instead these must be targeted during your next treatment. Don’t forget your next appointment should be scheduled around this time!

Three Months After Your Initial Treatment

Within the three-month period, you should have received two treatments. At these sessions, you may have received facial area, chest, bikini, legs, underarms, and arms, reducing the hair by 30-40%. The effectiveness of these treatments depends entirely on your skin type, but you’ll certainly have a reduction in hair growth.

Six to Twelve Months Post-Treatment

At the six-month mark, and up to the one-year mark, your hair should be permanently gone. If you decide not to go through with any more treatments after the first, you won’t yield the same results as those that have gone to all of their sessions.

During your treatment, you should avoid sun exposure that’s directly on your skin, even during the harsh winter months. Always make sure you follow directions from your technician, and if you want to get started, contact Ava Laser Clinic at (905) 237-2360 today.