EMS & Body Contouring

Ems And Body ContouringWhen we are talking about training treatments, electrical muscle stimulation is one that has gained a lot of traction recently. According to most statements regarding the treatment, a 20-minute-long treatment of EMS can be equivalent to a gym session of 90 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training Or 4 hours weight training. With claims like this, it’s no wonder this treatment is being talked about the way it is

If you’re wondering about this treatment, how it works and what it can do to max out your gains at the gym, we here at Ava Laser Clinic have come up with a blog post about it.  

What Does It Feel Like?

When one hears the words “electromagnetic muscle stimulation”, they may become a bit withdrawn. This is understandable, as a medical treatment of any type should be bearable when it comes to its pain levels/overall discomfort.

According to clients, EMS does not feel painful, but rather like muscle spasms or cramping. The feeling that is best described when talking about this treatment is that of pins and needles. Patients will feel as though electricity is coursing through their veins and muscles, bringing a sense of strength and vitality to otherwise weaker, more limp muscles. 

The Best Candidates For EMS

If you are someone who is looking to improve your overall strength and muscle mass, this is likely the perfect treatment for you. Combined with regular, periodic fitness, you can see effective results in no-time. In other situations when a patient is dealing with bodily pain or trying to recover from an injury, this treatment has also been considered a good fit. 

Does it Truly Work?

The big question when it comes to this treatment will always be “does it really work effectively to shred fat and gain muscle?”. Fortunately, based on the current studies that are being released, the results have been incredibly positive. They are very much in favour of the treatment working, and working at a rate that is higher than a number of other body contouring treatments out there. One study found that an EMS treatment on a 12-week program can lead to a 30% increase in strength (and even a bit of a reduction in overall fat mass). For each 20-minute session, it has been recorded that about 800 calories are burned.  

How Our Team Can Help

When you want some of the most effective, reliable EMS in Richmond Hill, look no further than our team here at Ava Laser Clinic. With the help of our services, you can contour your body and make it look its most toned without even having to step foot in a gym. Our treatments are affordable, safe and performed by some of the greatest beauty professionals in the field. To learn more about our services, who we are and how we can help, be sure to give our front desk a call at (905) 237-2360 today!