Can HIFU Treatment Replace Face Lifts?

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What is HIFU & How Does It Work?

HIFU (also known as high-intensity focused ultrasound) is a cosmetic treatment that is quite new in terms of other treatments that have been on the market for years. It essentially works by tightening the skin and giving the face a lifted, more youthful look. This treatment is considered by many people as a non-invasive, painless procedure that helps reduce the look of aging. HIFU uses ultrasound energy to increase the amount of collagen production within the skin, and has been commonly known for treating tumours.  

Benefits of HIFU

HIFU has a wide number of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Lifting the cheeks & eyebrows
  • Tightening skin on the neck (AKA turkey neck)
  • Smoothing out the skin
  • Better jawline definition

Numerous studies have come out proving that HIFU is not just highly effective, but also safe and fast-working. This treatment has grown in popularity over recent years, and for good reason.

HIFU vs. Facelift

There are a bunch of differences when it comes to these two treatments, and we would like to outline the specifics below.


  • Invasiveness: HIFU is 100% non-invasive, while surgical facelifts are not. Surgical facelifts require incisions and sutures that cut deep into the skin.
  • Cost: HIFU has been shown to be much cheaper than a surgical facelift. While an average HIFU treatment is $1000, a surgical facelift is $7,562 on average. That’s an almost $6500 difference!
  • Recovery Time: HIFU requires no recovery time, so you can get back to your daily schedule as if no procedure was even done. Facelifts, on the other hand, require 2-4 weeks downtime.
  • Health Risks: While HIFU poses the risk of mild redness and swelling, facelifts run you the risk of bleeding, infection, blood clots, hair loss, or pain & scarring.


Does HIFU Hurt?

There is a possibility that you may experience mild discomfort during this type of treatment. Most people will describe it as that of a prickling feeling, almost like small electric pulses. Of course, if you are worried about feeling any type of pain during this procedure, your doctor may recommend you taking an ibuprofen or acetaminophen before treatment begins. Once the procedure is finished, you may experience mild redness & swelling, but this will slowly start to fade over the next couple hours.

How We Can Help

From what we have stated above, it is quite clear that HIFU is a safe, effective and affordable way to give yourself the transformative facelift you have been looking for. With the large amount of benefits and low-risk this procedure provides, why wait? To learn more about our Richmond Hill HIFU and how we can help, be sure to call us at (905) 237-2360 today!