28 Sep

Benefits of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Everyone wants to look their best, but most people are not interested in going under the knife to do so. This is why non-surgical facelift alternatives have gained popularity. According to ASAPS, the percentage of non-surgical procedures has increased as much as 65% over the last 10 years. Here at Ava Laser Clinic, we offer a […]


27 Aug

Your Guide to Laser Lipo

Everyone wants to look their best and feel confident. However, even with a dedicated workout plan, sometimes a bit of extra help is necessary to provide the perfect finishing touch. If you are considering cosmetic fat reduction, you may be wondering what your options are. Ava Laser Clinic is a laser clinic in Richmond Hill […]


22 Jul

Laser Hair Loss Treatments – Do They Work?

It is normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day from your scalp. Most people will grow these hairs back over time, but for others, that hair may never return. This can be due to age, changes in hormones, poor nutrition, illness, or even heredity. Regardless of the reason, hair loss is often a […]


23 Jun

What You Need to Know About Laser Skin Tightening

Laser tightening of the skin is a great non-invasive way to get firm skin along the body, neck, and face. It is suitable for all skin types, age ranges, and there is little to no downtime following treatment. If you are interested in getting tighter skin quickly, Ava Laser Clinic has listed all the information […]


21 May

Everything You Need to Know About Radiofrequency Facial Skin Tightening

Dermal heating devices that operate on radiofrequency are one of the best non-invasive cosmetic treatments for facial imperfections. The procedure targets texture, wrinkles, fat, skin laxity on the neck, and even rhytids. So, if you are looking for a safe and effective way to tighten your facial skin without surgery, Ava Laser Clinic can help. What is […]


27 Apr

What You Need to Know About CoolSculpting

This new treatment known as CoolSculpting was approved for cosmetic use in 2010 by the FDA. Usually, just being approved is enough for most people to feel comfortable moving forward with treatment. However, some may still be wondering if this cosmetic procedure is truly safe and worth the investment. Ava Laser Clinic has put together an easy […]


23 Mar

The Advantages of Facial & Body Contouring

Everyone wants to look their best, but most do not want to deal with the pain or cost that comes with plastic surgery.  For those looking to improve their appearance for a smaller price with little to no downtime, facial and body contouring are great alternatives. Facial contouring with Ava Laser Clinic can: Firm sagging […]


10 Mar

What You Need to Know About Face and Body Contouring

Here at Ava Laser Clinic, we offer a wide range of innovative laser treatments that allow us to provide our clients with top of the line body contouring and face shaping services. These treatments help to smooth the face and body, tighten skin, reduce existing cellulite, and reduce the overall circumference of the area. How Does […]


12 Feb

Treat Your Hair Loss with Low Level Laser Therapy

Hair loss affects millions of people all over the world. Although men tend to have more noticeable hair loss troubles than women, both sexes suffer equally. Since hair loss is such a widespread problem, there are many treatments available for suffers. They include hair transplants, medications, or even alternative therapies, such as acupuncture. However, Ava […]


21 Jan

Laser Skin Resurfacing vs. IPL Photofacials

When looking for effective skincare treatments many people will come across IPL laser procedures. Despite being a common term, the name is somewhat inaccurate. We understand why IPL treatments and laser skin resurfacing get confused with each other since they are both cosmetic skin treatments. However, while both use light energy on the skin, they […]